About Us

“European Academy” is a Romanian association based in Bucharest whose educational and research activities are financed by the ESF (European Social Fund), companies/organizations and international cooperation projects. Students, minorities, women and target groups represent European Academy’s major focus.

Enhancing the capacity of local actors is the main scope of work.

Among the tasks to be accomplished, European Academy aims to address employment policies; facilitate the access to labour market for the unemployed, marginalized and discriminate groups; provide services, training courses and Lifelong Learning Programs in order to sustain and enhance social inclusion.
We work to provide economic opportunities to unemployed targeted job training and placement, and employability and entrepreneurship programs.

As part of the effort to fight gender discrimination and promote women’s access to decision making positions, women entrepreneurship is strongly supported by EA. Thus, EA activities will be focused on encouraging women’s business ownership and strengthening their impact.

The Academy works in synergy with training centers, companies, firms, technical schools, HR enterprises and universities.
Through these collaborations, EA aims to achieve daily innovative education programs, events and dissemination activities in the Romanian context.
All this will be followed by the spreading of the research activities, along with the transfer of know-how about the entrepreneurial leaders’ unique skills and experiences.

What is more, interdisciplinary dialogue with international academic community and institutions will guarantee studies and best practice exchanges. European Academy serves the interests and needs of the markets and all stakeholders, free from any political or religious interest and orientation.